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Olympic Courses You Can Ski Today

Olympic Courses You Can Ski Today

Skiing two miles downhill without taking a break is hard enough. Try doing it at 80 mph on a sheet of ice. That's what it feels like to be an Olympic racer. Think you've got what it takes? Give it a shot on one of these former Olympic downhill courses. Quad burn mean anything to you?

Tyrol, Austria

Faces of the Fans

A crowd brought together from all around the world join to cheer on the men's alpine skiers during the giant slalom race on February 23, 2010.

Snowpocalypse Hits Jay Peak | Photo: Andrew Lanoue


With lake effect snow and stellar snow-making weather, this early season storm will get you (more) pumped for the season.

Holiday Ski Towns Thumbnail

Holiday Ski Towns

As the holiday season rolls in, who doesn't get a little excited for holiday breaks and ski days? Here are a few of our favorite ski towns decorated up for the holidays.