SKIING Magazine's Season Pass Extravaganza-Vermont

SKIING Season Pass Extravaganza.1

Ascutney Mountain Resort

3rd Grade Pass Program

Each third-grade student in Vermont and New Hampshire is eligible for this free unlimited season pass. Principals in all elementary schools will receive information packets for students to bring home for their parents to sign. The students will then bring the packets back to their principals, who will return the lists to the resort.









Bolton Valley
Smart Pass
This pass from Bolton Valley allows skiers unlimited weekday and night skiing. If bought in a group of five or more, each Smart Pass costs $179 per person. If bought in a group of less than five, each pass is $199 per person. You can also upgrade your pass to include any single weekend or holiday for only $20.
Cost: $179 (if bought in group of five or more passes), $199 (if bought individually or up to four passes)
Restrictions: Only valid weekdays and nights; holidays are not included in the weekday pass.
Deadline: none
Contact: 802-434-3444

College Season Pass
To sign up for this great college pass, students need documentation from their registrar's office. It's worth it, though: there are no blackout dates. After Dec. 10, the price goes up to $359.
Cost: $299
Restriction: none
Deadline: December 10
Contact: 800-STRATTON

Midweek Super Pass
This is another solid deal, especially for people who don't mind taking the day off from work or school. With it, you can ski unlimited weekdays minus holidays for the entire season. The price increased $150 on September 15.
Cost: $399
Restriction: not valid on weekends or holidays
Deadline: none
Contact: 800-STRATTON

If you know of any other great pass deals in Vermont, please e-mail them to us at: