Slow Grooming Makes for the Perfect Run

The Skiing’s Fast ‘Cause The Grooming’s Slow at Deer Valley
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If Deer Valley had a bumper sticker, it might read, The Skiing’s Fast ‘Cause The Grooming’s Slow. Every night a fleet of 13 snowcats and two winch cats groom about 60 of Deer Valley’s 100 runs. But don’t worry, not everything is groomed!  With six bowls and over 930 acres of glade skiing there is still plenty of natural terrain and powder skiing.

You would think Deer Valley’s grooming fleet would be racing the clock to get the job done, but the “product” is better if they take their time.  “If something’s not satisfactory, we’ll go back and keep working until it’s done right,” says lead groomer, Dave Smith.

Groomers work two shifts, from 4:30 p.m. to midnight or midnight to 10 a.m.  They also tour the mountain each morning via skis and snowmobiles to make sure the grooming is to perfection (“wall to wall corduroy”) and again in the afternoon to scout for areas that may need extra work that night.

Deer Valley invests in state of the art equipment to ensure state of the art grooming.  This year the resort purchased four new snowcats, two of which are Prinoth® BEASTS. The BEAST sets a new benchmark in grooming with a productivity increase of up to 40% due to the increased width of its track. The BEAST is so large the Deer Valley maintenance shop had to be expanded this summer to be able to fit the new equipment!

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