Snowshoe, West Virginia

Ranked No. 19 in the east by our readers.
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Though plenty of grateful skiers cherish fond memories of Cheat Mountain, Robert
E. Lee didn’t. Confounded by quarreling subordinates, Lee was unable to drive the Union garrison off what is today home to Snowshoe, the Midatlantic’s largest ski resort. Winters were different back then-Union soldiers reported snow in August, horses freezing to death in September. And make no mistake, it still snows here. Just this year: 53 inches in January. Snowshoe is an upside- down resort, its mellow trails meandering down Cheat’s flanks from a view-rich summit campus of hotels, bars, and restaurants. Experts used to New England steeps won’t be impressed by the challenge. Snowshoe’s famous black diamonds, Cupp Run and Shay’s Revenge, would be blues farther north. And while green runs might be the norm, there’s nothing novice about the après-ski funhogging. Rebel skiers, it seems, know how to party. —J.C.

Side Trip

Ditch your electronics (mandatory) and visit the world’s largest radio telescope, in Green Bank. It’s 500 feet tall, big enough to hold a football field.

Cheap Thrills

Watch for news on the popular Ridiculous Pass in February. Good for late season and all the following year, it’s sold in limited numbers for as little as $199.