Ski Resort Life

Snowshoe Fire Destroys Warehouse


Snowshoe, WV, Jan. 3, 2001–(SAM Magazine) A fire at Snowshoe Mountain leveled a warehouse early on the morning of January 1, wiping out the resort’s food and beverage stores and much of its retail stock, resulting in a total of $1 million in losses. According to Joe Stevens, the resort’s public relations manager, the resort was fully insured for the loss and neither the building nor its contents could be salvaged.

“No injuries occurred,” said Stevens. “Luckily the warehouse is off the beaten path away from lodging facilities.” He noted that the fire was reported just before 5 a.m. and took the Shaver’s Fork Fire Rescue company until 9 a.m. to completely douse. The fire caused no interruption in operations at the resort because of its location outside of normal guest traffic flow and the fact that management arranged for its food distributor to set up refrigerated trailer cars on-site to act as warehouse facilities for the remainder of the season.

Restocking of retail goods also started immediately and management has already begun the process of planning the replacement of the warehouse, which was estimated to be 5,000 square feet in size. Though the local fire inspector has not yet determined what caused the fire, he has determined it was not suspicious.