Snowshoe Sets All-Time Record for Skier Visits

Mark Lesh enjoying some sunshine on this south-facing aspect at 11,000 feet. Radiobeacon Peak in the background.

It was a great season at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WV, which broke their all-time record for skier visits despite below-average snowfall. Snowshoe, WV, April 24--Snowshoe has done it! Despite a lower than average yearly snowfall total and the presence of La Nina, Snowshoe Mountain, WV has broken their all-time record for skier visits.

"We really have to give credit to our snowmaking crew for their awesome job keeping the mountain white," said Joe Stevens of Snowshoe Mountain. "Without our normal snowfall totals in this part of the country, we can't make it without our snowmakers."

Snowshoe can also credit record breaking weekends over the Christmas and New Year's holiday, the Martin Luther King holiday and the President's Day long weekend. Each holiday period set its' own record for skier attendance.

"The holiday long weekends were blessed with cold spells that allowed us to make snow," continued Stevens. "We were very aggressive in our snowmaking tactics this season because we wanted to put the best product that we could out there. We knew that if we had snow, people would come."

The mountain itself is not the only department to break an all-time mark. Snowshoe's mountain operations made snow for 1,560 hours and converted over 219 million gallons of water into snow, both records for the department. Give credit to $9 million in snowmaking upgrades that took place two years ago.

The total numbers for skier attendance exceeded 450,000 at Snowshoe, which puts them in the top five-percent of ski resorts in North America. Not bad for a small resort in West Virginia.

"We were the only resort in the region to open on our projected opening date and remain in operation for the entire season," added Stevens. "The other resorts had to delay their openings to make snow."