Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs

Find out why they call it Steamboat Springs.
Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs is a town surrounded by an incredible natural landscape first and a ski resort second. Take a break from the powder and check out the Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs, seven miles outside of town. The place is a perfect combination of ruggedness and relaxation. There is no heat or electricity on the premises, so if you go during the winter, be prepared to change and pool hop in frigid temperatures. The hand built, all-stone pools differ in temperature, so there is a pool to fit everyone’s heat tolerence. Be prepared to use four-wheel drive to get to the pools if the ground is covered in snow, the road is narrow and icy. Even though the drive may be challenging, the pools are a great place to relax, stretch out your muscles, and spend a relaxing day with the family away from the bustle of the resort.