Stuff We Like: Cochran's Slopeside Syrup

Genuine Vermont maple syrup from the East's First Family of skiing
Slopeside Syrup Stuff

In 1961, Mickey and Ginny Cochran built a rope tow on an old hillside farm in Richmond, Vt., and moved their family from Burlington to a farmhouse at the bottom of it. They put in a few ski trails and a 300-foot rope tow to provide mid-week ski training for their four children—Marilyn, Barbara Ann, Bobby, and Lindy. Millions of laps up and down the "hill behind the house" led those kids to ski careers, including World Cup wins, World Cup titles, World Championship medals, and Barbara Ann's 1972 Olympic Gold.

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After the kids became adults, Mickey and Ginny still loved running their backyard rope tow, and they decided to make it their full time occupation, opening Cochran's Ski Area, which became the first non-profit ski area in the US.

Now, 50 years later, four of Mickey and Ginny's grand-children who have had their own Olympic, collegiate, and national success are building a new business behind the rope tow that still hauls skiers up the hill. Jimmy, Timmy, Doug and Roger Cochran are making maple syrup, harvesting sap from the maples on the family land. By next year they’ll have nearly 25,000 taps in the woods, and are slated to produce 6,000 gallons of syrup each year.

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We can’t guarantee that chugging this liquid gold will make you a world champ. But we can guarantee that Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup will make your pancakes—or anything else you pour it on—delicious.

If you're looking for a tasty holiday stocking-stuffer, act fast: This year's harvest will gone before you know it. Price: $6-$56. Or get a maple syrup season's pass. That deal is not on the website, so contact the Cochrans directly for more info.


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