Stuff We Like: The Daily Meal's Guide to the Best Airport Restaurants

Next time you fly, skip Cantina Grill, bypass Burger King, and opt for a real meal.
Daily Meal Restaurant Guide
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Forget finding good food when you're stuck at an airport—finding edible food can often be a huge challenge. Which is why we're so excited about The Daily Meal's guide to the 31 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World.

According to The Daily Meal, "airports around the world are revamping aging terminals and the world's best chefs, several of them Michelin starred, are recognizing the value of serving exemplary meals before liftoff." Seattle, Argentina, Geneva, Munich, Boston, Chicago, and New York are a few represented on the list. The fare spans from high-quality hot dogs, pulled pork, and pizza to handcrafted Mexican dishes, oyster bars, and haute cuisine tasting menus. 

Watch the slideshow hereread more about how the restaurants were selected. Then, book your flights accordingly.