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A ski league of your own.
Fantasy Ski Race
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Move over Fantasy Football – the Fantasy Ski League is in season.

For years, bar room jocks have been virtually crushing each other with their annual picks for Fantasy Football leagues across the country. Now, wannabe ski racers can get in on the action with Fantasy Ski Racer, a website that allows you to pick your own skiing dream team.

The brainchild of ski racer Steven Lyman, Fantasy Ski Racer (FSR) went live in the fall of 2010. Lyman and fellow US Ski Team member Nolan Kasper ‘were logging some serious lodge time while it was -30 degrees Celsius at Lake Louise. Lyman hoped the game would help to bridge the disconnect he saw between ski fans and racers. Currently, FSR has about 7,000 members and it plans to debut a mobile app next season.

The idea is simple – choose ten skiers from any country and predict how they’ll finish at a given World Cup ski race in a given discipline. Depending on the percentage of your racers who end up in the top ten, you’re assigned a certain number of points. If you correctly pick the exact placement of one or more racers, you’re awarded additional points.  Ditto if you pick a racer outside the top 30 who schusses their way into the top ten. Your points are added cumulatively for an overall score which can then be ranked against other players. Overall rankings for virtual ski racing world dominance are drawn from your top five races in any discipline.

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Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t know enough about the Czech National Team. Fantasy Ski Racer offers Pro Tips on their blog, as well as a page of Trending Picks showing you who other players are choosing.

Fantasy Ski Racer may feel a bit more cognac than Coors Light in terms of the bar where you’d likely find other players, but with American ski racers like Ted Ligety and Lindsey Vonn, it’s an easy way to root for the home team even if you can’t ring a cowbell on the sidelines.

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Fantasy Ski Racer

Meet Your Fantasy Ski Racer

No, it's not some steamy site for hardcore ski groupies; Fantasy Ski Racer is a sweet new fantasy football-style web platform for ski racing fans.