Stuff We Like: Pretty Faces

Finally, a ski movie that features ripping women.
Pretty Faces
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Right now, you can get the first glimpse of a new genre of ski films—ones with ripping female skiers in them.

Lynsey Dyer has created possibly the first all-female ski film featuring the best athletes from around the world. The movie, due to premier in Fall 2013, is a celebration of playing outside, pushing the sport, and of a community of women living up to their fullest potential on snow. Inspired by the desire to offer young girls role models, the film aims to capture “girl stoke." From the trailer, it looks like it succeeds. 

It's serious and silly. And, it's an amalgamation of footage donated by Rocky Mountain Sherpas, Teton Gravity Research, Salomon Freeski TV/Switchback Entertainment, Warren Miller, Mountain Sports International, Whitney Childers, Ready to Fly, Bill Kerig, JGS Concepts, Orage, Patagonia, Wink Inc, First Ascent, Red Bull, Girls Do Ski, Jeff Brings, Early ups, Emily Polar, Zoya Lynch, Rob Kingwill, Avalon Seven, KGB, Storm Show and many more. Dyer put it together in a way that’s fresh and tuned in to how female rippers are different than dudes. It’s no “Shit Girl Skiers Say.” It’s an inspiring flick where women show they have cohones as big as their brothers.

“The sisterhood continues on it's journey embodying the grace and elegance as well as the fierce tenacity and wild dreams that push us not only beyond our own personal comfort zones but on a quest to help young girls and women experience their own power with mountains as the museum,” writes Lindsey.

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Check out the trailer here:

Athletes featured in Pretty Faces:
Rachel BurksClaire Smallwood
Angel CollinsonJess McMillian
Crystal Wright               Sandra Lahnstginer
Elyse SaugstadLynsey Dyer
Tatum MonodGrete Elliasson
Jenn BergAshley Magnuson
Izzy LynchAndrea Binning
Pia WidmesserMCkenna Peterson
Lexi DupontAne Enderud
Halen GregoryHannah Whitney
Rebecca SeligPip Hunt
Michelle ParkerIngrid Backstrom
Meghan KellyLeah Evans
Janette HarginNadia Samer
Brooke EdwardsCaroline Gleich
Lorrain HuberJaclyn Paaso
Kim HavellMegan Michelson
Lyndsey VanKaylin Richardson
Wendy FisherLizet Christianson
Lauren GerogelosLel Tone
AJ CargillKim Havel
Giulia MonegoHillary Oneill

Keep your eyes open for the full flick coming next fall.

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