Stuff We Like: Ski Areas for Rent

Fly solo at a ski area that's yours for the day.
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Are you sick of other skiers stealing your line? Want all-day access to fresh corduroy for yourself and a few of your closest friends? Well, you're in luck. As detailed by the New York Times, you can rent several ski areas for exclusive use on a daily basis.

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Anthony Lakes, in Northeast Oregon, has an Own the Mountain program that allows groups of up to 50 skiers to rent the entire 1,100-acre resort any non-holiday Monday through March. A mere $4,000 gets you five hours of lift service, lunch, and access to all 21 runs—two of which will be groomed. Do the math—in many places 50 skiers for $4k works out to be less than a lift ticket.

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Turner Mountain, in northwest Montana, which this magazine has reported as offering the best lift-assisted powder skiing in the U.S., can be rented privately Mondays through Thursdays for $3,000 per day.

Of course, if you can't muster up 50 folks to bring to your next ski party, many cat-ski ops allow you to reserve a private cab for the day for groups of 12, including Sugarbush (Waitsfield, Vt.), Irwin (outside Crested Butte, Colo.) and Powder Addiction (Jones Pass, Colo.), among others.


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