Stuff We Like: Ski Movies of 2012

Fresh wax and popcorn: The sweet smells of ski cimema.
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Coming at you with some pre-season stoke, the first entry of a new series we're calling Stuff We Like—just like in the magazine. From apparel and accessories you can't ski without to events and killer deals you won't want to miss, we'll preview and review the essentials for making your time on the slopes or en route to the hill everything you hope it will be.

With the exception of the season's first snowflakes, nothing gets us more excited for winter than a little ski porn. So what better way to kick things off than with a sneak peek at the best ski film clips we've seen for 2012–2013? Winter is on its way.

Teton Gravity Research: NIMBUS
Hokkaido, Japan; Arlburg, Austria; B.C., Canada. TGR athletes hip hop, flip and huck through three spectacular locations.

Matstick Productions: SUPERHEROS OF STOKE
Sweet vintage footage interspersed with modern shredding make this flick one you and your kids can agree on. And while you're all on the same page, go ahead and share your stories about your salad ski days.

The Meatheads say, "Never let the weather get you down." Even with the East Coast's record-breaking mild winter of 2012, the Meathead crew still managed to sniff out the goods. Fighting low snowfall and warm temps, they hurled themselves off buildings, bashed icy moguls, and finally plowed through some seriously deep East Coast powder.

Salomon Freeski TV

Who says video ski stoke is only for the preseason? For the sixth year, Salomon Freeski TV will air weekly short films made by Mike Douglas's Switchback Entertainment to keep the face shots coming all winter. Here's a peek at the 12 short and powdery films—including one shot entirely at night—lined up to begin October 9.

Purple Orange: CHALK N SKI
One of our favorite little films was made without a budget, a helicopter, or a single big-name athlete. Brought to you by a PR guy out of Jackson Hole and one heck of an artist, Chalk N Ski is nothing less than creative genius.


Pretty Faces

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Fifth Grade Passport: Family Shot

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Want to turn your kid into a skier? Fifth-grade programs nationwide can help.

Slopeside Syrup Stuff

Stuff We Like: Cochran's Slopeside Syrup

Genuine Vermont maple syrup from the East's First Family of skiing


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