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Sugarloafer Since 1995

Fill up your soul cup with the ultimate day at Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley, Maine.

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My favorite part of the Sugarloaf employee uniform is that little subtitle on the employees’ nametags: “Sugarloafer Since ­­­________.”  I still introduce myself accordingly when I’m in the Carrabassett Valley. “I’m Monica, Sugarloafer since 1995.”

At 4,237 feet, Sugarloaf is second only to Mt. Katahdin as the highest peak in Maine. It rises 2,820 vertical feet to the sky and, with 154 trails and 1240 acres, is the largest ski resort east of the Mississippi. Let me tell you, it would take years to find every secret stash at Sugarloaf.


I have a special relationship with this place though. The first time I ever clicked into bindings was at Sugarloaf. I cried on the “bunny slope” because it was too steep. I carved a ski for the first time on Boardwalk. Now, 21 years later, I have Sugarloaf to thank for such passion toward skiing and even a career in the outdoor industry.

I had a chance to go back to Sugarloaf this past month and I’m happy to say that although a few things have changed, it has as much character, soul, and a real, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Looking to fill up your soul cup? Here is my ultimate day spent at Sugarloaf.


8:15am // Grab some Carrabassett Coffee Company coffee at Java Joe’s.


8:30am // Head to the Downhill Supply Co. for demo’s, a tune or hand warmers for the day.

9:00am// Load the Superquad. It’s really the only way to go. Ski Tote Road (the longest trail on the mountain), Kings Landing and Hayburner. If you’re feeling audacious take Bubblecuffer for a ride.


10:15am// Hit Bullwinkle’s for hot chocolate and a warm up. It’s wicked cold up in Maine.

10:45am// Head back up the Superquad and over to the Timberline chair, a classic quad that takes you to the summit. From here explore the Snowfields and test out the former Spillway, now Skyline chair and King Pine quad.

12:30pm// A later lunch is better as to avoid the rush. It’s time to head to D’ellies for the best Italian of your life. Not into it? Try the chicken breast sandwich on Anadama (homemade) bread.

1:15pm // Warm your legs back up by getting in your best racer’s tuck and attempting to stay there from the base lodge to the bottom of the Skidway chair. Then enjoy the views on the ride back up.     

1:45pm// Ride the Doublerunner chair and the Spillway Chair. Ski Narrow Gauge and Competition Hill, home of the US Alpine Championships in 1996, 1997, 2006, 2008, and 2015.

2:30pm// Still haven’t had enough? Make your way to the lookers left side of the resort and find the steeps off from the King Pine chair.


3:45pm// It’s time for a beer so head to The Bag & Kettle where they brew their own beer and have the most delicious burgers. I recommend the Gucci Burger, a classic bag burger topped with crispy strips of pepperoni. Wash it down with an Alpine Raspberry Ale or a Brown Bag Ale.

You won’t see it all in a day but you’ll get a good grasp on what being a ‘loafer is all about. And if it’s your first time, you’ll forever be a, “Sugarloaf Since 2016.”

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