Summer Resorts 2002-Southeast: Wintergreen, Va.


Wintergreen, Va.

After biking rugged singletrack through Civil War-haunted forests, galloping on horseback across vast meadows and rappelling down 90 feet of granite, you'll be ready for a nice, round of golf. Wintergreen's 27-hole Stoney Creek course is one of the top courses in the region, and its veteran PGA instructors assure you'll finish your "relaxing" game with a score leagues ahead of your former best.

Go ahead, spend a few well-earned hours at the spa, indulge in a LaStone massage. After all, your serving arm will need rejuvenating to take advantage of the resort's 19 clay tennis courts.

Throughout this whir of activity, however, you'll notice that Wintergreen Resort is surrounded by tranquil wilderness. In fact, the resort is buffered by more than 6,000 acres of federally protected land. Take a tour with a naturalist to learn about the region's thousands of varieties of wildflowers, medicinal plants and butterflies.

At the end of the day, relax at an outdoor concert as fireflies hang in the night and tree frogs keep time with the musicians. You'll wonder if Virginia's most famous naturalist¿Thomas Jefferson¿ever had it so good. ¿Lolly Merrell

DON'T MISS Caving expeditions with the resort's Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School (434-325-8166).

BEST DEAL June 29-July 14, two nights' lodging and concert tickets start at $86. 800-266-2444;