Sustainable Slopes: Northstar-at-Tahoe

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Northstar-at-Tahoe is proud to announce that we have offset approximately 215,600 pounds worth of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the ski area's electrical energy use through a substantial purchase of Green Tags (also known as Tradable Renewable Energy Credits) from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Green Tags are certificates that represent the environmental benefits from a specific amount of electricity from a wind turbine, solar panel or other renewable energy source. Northstar's Green Tags purchase represents over 150 megawatt-hours of renewable energy produced from non-polluting wind resources located in the Pacific Northwest, equivalent to the annual electricity used by about 180 homes. Northstar's Green Tags purchase is one component of its participation in the ski industry's 'Sustainable Slopes' program. Guests of Northstar are also encouraged to join in and support the ski area's efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. Through the partnership, Northstar also offers its customers a chance to add a full or Mini-Green Tag to their lift pass in order to help offset the vehicle emissions associated with their trip to the ski area.

The average single-car trip to Northstar produces approximately 140 pounds of carbon dioxide. That's 10% of the amount that one "full" Green Tag prevents. So Northstar is selling $2.00 'Mini-Green Tags' to give guests a way to remove from the atmosphere the same amount of C02 that their ski-commute produces. This means visitors to Northstar can now "Ski Pollution Free."

Green Tags and Mini-Green Tags are an easy way to support the switch to renewable sources. It's also an easy way to compensate, indirectly, for the greenhouse gases that we all produce in our daily activities. So why should a skier or snowboarder pay $2 for a Mini-Green Tag? The dollars from Green Tags go straight back to supporting new wind, solar and other renewable energy sources that displace the burning of oil, gas and coal. The more renewable energy we use, the more snow pack we're likely to enjoy. More snow pack is good for skiers . . . and also for fish, agriculture and the environment.