Thanksgiving Recipes for Skiers

Thinking of spending fall’s tastiest holiday in ski country? Here are some recipes from our friends at Saveur that are perfect for a cozy meal with friends and family. Spend the day on the slopes, then head home to prepare your yummiest Thanksgiving yet.
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Herbed Roast Turkey:

Brushing a simple herb butter over the turkey before and during cooking is a straightforward, time-honored way of achieving great flavor and crisp skin.

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Potato Side Dishes:

Mashed potatoes can be the most underrated dish at the table. Here are 14 recipes to give them a boost.

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Make this gravy using the drippings that remain in the pan after you've cooked the roast turkey. For additional flavor, add to the finished pan gravy any juices that accumulate on the platter as the turkey rests.

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Sourdough-sage stuffng:

Fine bread crumbs make a more elegant stuffing than bread cubes do.

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Spiced Pumpkin Cake:

A welcome addition to the holiday table, this simple frosted layer cake can also be made with homemade puréed pumpkin: just peel and seed your favorite variety of cooking pumpkin, cut it into large chunks, steam or boil it until soft, and mash it until smooth.

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Best Hot Drinks for the Holiday Season

When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing more delightful than a warming drink. Serve festive hot drinks all holiday season with these 17 recipes.

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Farm-to-Table Dining For Skiers

As the U.S. culinary world regresses to the notion of eating locally and seasonally (and caring where food comes from), farmer’s markets, CSA’s and farm-to-table restaurants are on the rise. The locavore movement is essentially sharing a solid commitment to using primarily naturally-raised and organic ingredients sourced directly from local farms and farmers' markets. Of course, come winter, it's a much bigger challenge. The following ski country eateries are dedicated to keeping it as fresh and local as possible.

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Sleigh Ride Dinners

The holidays are all about family, togetherness, and good food. So, cancel your dinner reservations at that restaurant you’ve been to countless times. These dinner sleigh rides will add a nice, home-y touch to your holiday ski vacation.