The 6th Annual Targhee Music Fest

Grace Potter of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and Vince Herman, the frontman for Great American Taxi talk about the upcoming Targhee Music Festival and how music relates to skiing.
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Each year, a group of fans and performers hit the mountains to experience their favorite music in front of the natural beauty of the Tetons. This year, the 6th Annual Targhee Music Fest, in Alta, Wyoming, is hosting 14 different bands, including Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and Great American Taxi, July 16 through 18 on its outdoor stage.

For the third year in a row, Grace Potter and The Noctunals will take the stage at the festival. Potter grew up skiing in Vermont and credits her dad for her love of the mountains. Her sister lived in the Tetons so Potter enjoys coming through each year to play at the festival.

“Every time you return somewhere you have more energy and more enthusiasm,” Potter said. This year, she hopes to expand on that energy after the release of the band’s newest album in June.

“I wanted to write music that we were actually going to be able to play live,” Potter said of their newest album. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to rock their upbeat songs at Targhee on July 17.

Another band playing the festival is Great American Taxi. This Americana jam-band spends the summer touring different festivals. The band name comes from the way frontman Vince Herman skis. “We named the band off a comment someone once made about my skiing style: a large object kind of rolling down the ski hill,” Herman said. “Like a great American taxi.”

Great American Taxi has never played at the Targhee Music Fest before, so they’re especially excited about the outdoor show, and they plan to watch as many of the other bands as they can. “Anytime you get outside and perform in a really beautiful environment the music has a little more of a lift to it. Smoky bars are kind of fun for that one kind of thing, but being outside is more expansive to the soul—and of course music is the mirror to the soul,” Herman said.

If music is the mirror to your soul too, the Targhee Music Fest is sure to be a good time. There’s camping for all three days, food, and various vendors available at the festival site.

Online tickets are available through July 11. After that you can buy them at a few different retailers in person. Find out more information at



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