The Alpine House

Owned by two former Olympic athletes, the Alpine House is charming and convenient.
The Alpine House

The Alpine House is a small, 22-room hotel located just two blocks from the main square in town that is intimate as well as convenient. The owners, Hans and Nancy Johnstone, both former Olympic athletes, are accommodating and friendly. The Swiss-chalet ambiance the couple has attempted to recreate is incredibly cozy. Feel free to lounge around in the library while you peruse a novel and watch the snow fall. If you need to be connected at all times, beware: Wi-Fi is spotty. But, if you enjoy being disconnected for a little while and not checking your email, this place is perfect. Before heading to the slopes in the morning, check out the organic continental breakfast in the dining room during the winter, and outside during the summer. The homemade granola and pastries are out of this world and the coffee bar is second-cup worthy. Throughout the day, the hotel provides great snacks, like cookies in the afternoon and cheese and crackers at night before bed. The rooms are quaint, but the beds are comfortable and noise is kept to a minimum even though the place is fairly close to the main Jackson drag.; (800) 753-1421


The Dobson House

Visitors to Taos, N.M., often speak of feeling "at one" with Mother Earth. Stay at the Dobson House and you'll definitely experience that sensation.


El Otro Lado: The Other Side

In just about every ski town in the United States, Mexican immigrants cook your food, build your vacation house, and clean your hotel. But what you know about them usually ends there.