The Best Runs at Sugarbush

You unload from the lift, tighten your boots, and secure your poles, now what? Sugarbush has challenging trails for intermediates through experts from all three high peak lifts.
David Babic Sugarbush

Best Cruiser: Snowball. After some leg burning steeps, seek relief on Snowball, off of the Heaven’s Gate Triple. Relax, and focus on the views as you carve up this wide-open cruiser. Continue on Lower Snowball for more views and a wooded trail that will bring you on the southernmost route to the base.

Best Bumps: Black Diamond. From the 4,083-foot Mount Ellen Peak, old-school skiers will recommend Scotch Mist—recently renamed Black Diamond—under the Summit Chair. This bumpy leg-burner packs the powder and has great lines for the under-the-lift show-off skier.

Best Glades: Egan’s Woods. Narrow and densely wooded, Egan’s gives you time to plan your line, but plan well, space is limited.

Best Adventure: Liftline. This double black diamond, under-the-lift test of skill is the quintessential New England trail. Accessible from the Castlerock Double, Liftline features steeps, rocks, bumps, and cliffs, so get ready, or get rocked.

Best Steeps: Castlerock Peak. What the Castlerock Peak lacks in elevation (3,812 feet), it makes up for in challenging terrain. With two black diamonds, and two double blacks from the peak, it is the toughest way to go. If show-off skiing isn’t your thing, veer left from Liftline to Rumble, the super-steep, rock-strewn winder that will launch you in the air without warning.


3.  Sugarbush, Vermont


The ski area offers 111 trails, served by 16 lifts, spread across three peaks, each with its own distinct flavor.