The Man Behind the Map

James Niehues is launching a coffee table book celebrating his life's work of painting trail maps for a living.
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For thirty years, James Niehues has been every skier's best friend. He has painted trail maps for ski resorts at over 200 ski areas all over the world, including at least forty-five ranked in the 2017 SKI Magazine Resort Guide. Now, rather than keeping his work strictly utilitarian, he is going to release a hard cover coffee table book and art print series so you can enjoy his works off the hill.

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In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it's always been refreshing for the staff at SKI to pull out a trail map and use Niehues' work to figure out where we were on a resort visit, or figure out where to go next during our planning meetings. We're super excited about this book, and you should be too. Get an advance copy and help forward the project along on Niehues' Kickstarter Page.

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