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The Quiet Force Film

How two Jackson-based filmmakers are crowdfunding to tell the story of the Latino workforce that help keep American ski towns running.

Hilary Byrne and Sophie Danison are Jackson, WY locals and filmmakers who both worked on the film, “Pretty Faces”—the all-women’s ski film that came out in 2015. With an obvious interest in outdoor storytelling, last year, Danison and Byrne were inspired by the David Page article, “The Quiet Force” that was featured in Powder Magazine and explored how immigrant workers help sew of the fabric of ski towns.

Danison and Byrne are currently hosting a fundraising initiative with a $50,000 goal on Indiegogo, encouraging people to donate money to help make the “Quiet Force” film project obtainable.

“We shot quite a bit last winter in Jackson, Mammoth and Vail to make the trailer. We want to shoot more in all three locations, gather a few more key interviews from experts, and make the best quality film we can,” explains Danison.

With the help of the funding, Danison and Byrne say will be able showcase experiences and input from “immigrant families, local politicians, law enforcement, educators, non-profit organizations, and economists.” All of which will help portray a balanced examination of an “ever-changing issue that remains murky even to the most seasoned.”

“This story zooms in on what is happening with Immigration in the U.S. by narrowing the scope to mountain towns…We know Immigration is a polarizing political topic, and we want to have a conversation that starts in our backyard.” says Danison.

There are currently a little over 24 hours left to donate to the making of this film and all donors to the campaign will be able to download the film upon its completion. You can watch the trailer, learn more about this project and contribute here