The Rustler Lodge

The closest thing you’ll find at Alta to the mega-ski resort hotel.
The Rustler Lodge

The Rustler Lodge is Alta’s nicest, most up-to-date lodge in the canyon, but it can come off as bit beige and stuffy to some. It is the closest thing you’ll find at Alta to the mega-ski resort hotel. The staff is a little more professional and serious and everything is just a little more polished than at the other lodges in the canyon. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a massage or aromatherapy session at the spa rather than catch first chair, the Rustler is your place.

The Rustler is located at the end of the road at Alta and it seems to look down on the rest of the lodges in the canyon. It’s so high and mighty that it even has it’s own access lift. It’s close proximity to the Sugarloaf Lift and more of the intermediate terrain at Alta seems to be reflective of a clientele and staff who is not necessarily as die-hard a skier as would be found at other lodges in the canyon. Doubles start at $329-$552 per night, breakfast and dinner included.; 888-532-2582.


The Alta Lodge

Alta Lodge

The Alta Lodge sits directly across from Alta’s marquee run, Alf’s High Rustler, and it’s within this context that the lodge operates. It’s about the skiing.

Snowpine Lodge

Snowpine Lodge

Alta’s oldest lodge is quiet and secluded and the perfect place for somebody who wants to vanish and ski for a while.

Alta Peruvian Lodge (Alta, UT)

Alta Peruvian

The Peruvian is decidedly lowbrow, but it is this warmth and homeyness that brings families back year after year.

The Hotel Park City

Near the slopes of Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons, the Hotel Park City's guests never quibble about location—they hardly have to leave the grounds.