The Spa at The Stowe Mountain Lodge

Where healthy lifestyles are born.
Mammoth Mountain is extending its winter operations to July 4, 2010. Mammoth Mountain has received over 41 feet (493 inches) of snowfall this season including more than three feet of snow in the first week of April. Mammoth is experiencing the deepest snowfall season since the record breaking 2005/06 season, when over 50 feet of snow fell on the mountain.  After June 25th some of the mountain bike trails will be open as well; you'll be able to ski, bike and golf in the same spot.

The Stowe Mountain Lodge has a spa that is different from the rest. While it offers traditional spa services, such as soothing massages, warm soak pools, and calming aromatherapy, it also provides a more permanent fix. Employees are trained to advise guests on proper eating and exercise habits that go beyond one day at the spa. Reserve one of their Healing Lodges, where a solitary soak in a whirlpool will truly allow you to get away from it all. And celebrate the end of a busy work-week at Friday Afternoon Club. For $20 you can enjoy a hand and foot treatment, artisan cheeses, and a glass of wine.

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