The Sudbury Inn

Bon Appetit approves, we're guessing you will too.

Chef Peter Bodwell’s roast duckling, topped with Maine maple syrup and wild blueberry glaze, brought this restaurant to Bon Appetit’s attention. White tablecloths, soft light, and attentive service set the tone, but the rambling dining rooms ware unpretentious, and families are welcome. The best seats are by the fire or on the glassed-in porch overlooking Main Street.
Bethel, Maine | 207.824.2174 |


The Bethel Inn

The Bethel Inn

Originally opened in 1911 as a hostelry for nervous souls seeking mental rest and recuperation, the Bethel Inn still soothes mind and body.

victoria inn sunday river

Victoria Inn

On the national register of historic places, this charming in is located on Main Street, and is only six minutes from the ski hill.