The Top Six For Families

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From Ski Schools to teen centers, a handful of resorts manage to please the whole clan. Here are SKI's picks for family fun, East and West.

What makes a resort truly "family-friendly"? One thing is clear: It's not just about the kids. Sure, good family resorts cater to children with excellent ski schools, special programs, fun events and all sorts of surprises. But the best of them also know how to keep mom and dad happy. They take the stress out of vacationing and make parents feel like they'd enjoy coming back without the kids some time. Put simply, a good resort leaves all family members feeling as if the trip was custom-fit for them and no one else.

With that in mind, we've gone back to the data from SKI's annual Reader Resort Survey to find out which resorts you like and why. We took those results and cross-referenced them with our own experiences to pick what we regard as the six best family resorts in North America. Some names won't surprise you: What family resort list would be complete without Smugglers' Notch, Vt., for example? Others may. Consider these as you choose your family vacation this winter.

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