The Ultimate Road Trip: After Thoughts


In all, the odyssey totaled:

four days

24 ski resorts

18 powder runs

45,375 vertical feet

1,600-plus driven miles

35 hours in the van

50 hours in my ski boots

15.5 hours of sleep

two lamb chops

one beef tenderloin

a whole roasted chicken

a King's cut of prime ribAt first, travelling around with seven total strangers seemed a little intimidating, but our common love for the mountains and for skiing brought us together. In disbelief, we all kept repeating how lucky we were throughout our voyage. We were lucky to be able to take a trip like this, and we were lucky to experience such phenomenal snow conditions.Yes, luck played a very important role during this jaunt, from being two of the last vehicles over Red Mountain Pass before it closed, to timing most of our stops just right, to experiencing one of the best ski days of all of our lives in Aspen. Whether luck or some higher spirit blessed the travelers in that dirt-ridden silver van and that once-white pickup truck, this was truly a memorable trip.