The Ultimate Road Trip: Day One

It's been dumping snow in Washington lately, so there should be plenty of packed powder left at Stevens Pass. Plus, there's a Big Air Fiesta for skiers and snowboarders happening at Stevens Pass on Saturday. If you're going to watch, wait for the grand finale, which is from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.Photo by Brian Schaefer.

Day 1--13 Hours 4 Minutes, 11,475 vertical feet

The first day started at a very early and dark 4:45am when I packed my truck and went to meet the other team members and head to Eldora Mountain Resort, outside of Boulder. High winds rocked our van as we drove through the canyon with great anticipation and excitement. Many questions needed to be answered as we began this quest. The most important one was, could we keep our time schedule?

The day that started at dawn at Eldora and ended with a run at dusk in Crested Butte was filled with great snow conditions, perfect timing, and smiles all around.

Apres-ski, Gina Kroft of the Crested Butte marketing department and Crested Butte owner Ralph Walton fueled us up with appetizers, beef tenderloin, wine and beer at the Sheraton.

All too soon, it was back to the van for our four-hour drive to Purgatory. Once we hit the road, food coma set in and we all slept. Our driver, Jerry Groswold, told us it snowed almost the entire way to Purgatory.

Ski Cooper
Crested Butte