The Ultimate Ski Day: Alta

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Kaya Turski and Keri Herman, first and second place in women's slopestyle, respectively, answer questions during the press conference following Friday's event. When asked how the long six-jump slopestyle course (most courses have around four features) affected the athletes, Keri said, "It was pretty challenging at first trying to link tricks together over that long a course, but once you got used to it, it was really fun."

Alta 2:00pm-2:47pm Vertical: 2,300 feet

Our first mountain in Little Cottonwood Canyon, we hit Alta with plenty of time to spare. From the parking lot, views of Alta's steeps, rock bands, and expert terrain hit me like a brick wall.

Rafferty immediately grabbed our tickets and we headed to the Germainia lift via the Wildcat lift. As time was no longer a concern, Rafferty decided we should venture over to the northeast facing Alf's High Rustler, a.k.a. Highboy. To get there we had to cross a section called Piss Pass, which seemed to have more astro-turf than snow.

It was worth it, though, as Alf's High Rustler held the best snow of the day. Real, hero snow. Chalky powder, not quite corn yet, it resembled ice crystal shavings that really held an edge well.

Familiar with the terrain, Rafferty bolted down the mountain without looking back. I followed, but a little slower as my thighs began to burn. The last thing I needed was to tumble down the 1,500-plus vertical feet that stretched before me.

At the bottom, we discussed staying a bit longer, but decided to head down the hill to Snowbird where we would end our day with a couple 2,900 vertical feet runs off the tram.