The Ultimate Ski Day: Utah Style

Denja Rand looks good—gorgeous—in ski boots and a bikini. You might think that’s enough to win the Local Lange Girl contest for 2010, but you’d be wrong. She finished with 63,395 “hot votes,” but it wasn’t enough to win the popular vote.So what makes Rand the perfect girl for Lange? Consider this: She’s been skiing since she was two years old, when her mother pushed her and her twin sister, Janne, down the driveway on skis. A former racer whose career was ended by injury, Rand currently teaches English and history and coaches teenagers at the National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, New York. Then there’s her pedigree—her father, Jay, was an Olympian in ski jumping and her mother, Gun, grew up in Norway ski racing. Rand is also comfortable in the public eye, riding shotgun in a firetruck during her boyfriend Andrew Weibrecht’s parade down Main Street of their hometown celebrating his bronze medal in the super G at the Vancouver Olympics.We caught up with Rand after a day of Nordic skiing.

After the word got out about

the Ultimate Skiing Road Trip

which took me to 24 Colorado ski resorts in four days, the state of Utah was not to be outdone.

The first trip was the brainstorm of Colorado Ski Country, a marketing association that respresents the state's ski resorts. This time, the phone call came from Ski Utah. It was Nathan Rafferty, communications director for the organization which markets Utah's ski businesses.

He asked if I would be interested in joining him for the Ultimate Ski Day trip--a one-day jaunt to ski seven Utah ski resorts.

There was one catch: we had to do it all in one day. This meant I had to get the 6:00am flight from Denver to Salt Lake City. From Boulder, that meant leaving my house by 3:30am not to return until around 10:00pm that night.

Boy, it seems I'll do anything for a chance to make some turns.

Deer Valley

Park City

The Canyons





The Ultimate Ski Day: After Thoughts