Timberline Tours Rafting Trips

You can go on a rafting trip through class V rapids with timberline, but for family fun try a class II or class III trip.
Timberline Tours Rafting Trips

Timberline Tours has been around for 40 years, and their staff of guides includes members of the Men's and Women's USA Raft Teams. The Upper Colorado class II rafting trip is about 40 minutes from Vail. This family-friendly trip is open to everyone 2-years-old and older, is about two hours long, and is offered May through October. If you've got older kids, try the Shoshone Rapids. The trip starts off with a stretch of class III rapids, and then continues on to class II rapids for the rest of the float. Children must be at least 7-years-old and 50 pounds to ride on the class III rapids.

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