Tip Sheet: Highland Bowl, Colo.

This Aspen Highlands extreme terrain is a rite of passage for any serious skier. Here’s how to do it well.
Tip Sheet: Highland Bowl tout
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Terrain:The Bowl opened to resort skiers in 2002 and is fully avy controlled. Zones are named after the color of ski wax you’d put on for the direction each one faces: G Zones face north (green wax); B Zones face east (blue); Y Zones face south (yellow). The Ys are the steepest and can be skied from the snowcat drop-off.

How to ski it:Hit north-facing G-4 for consistently soft snow. You lose a bit of vert getting there, but once you drop in, dogleg right a few times to milk the fall line. If the bootpack is nose-to-tail, take a lap first in Temerity trees—it’s always ignored, and it boasts new glades this season.

Après:Yes, we’ve said it before, but Cloud Nine Bistro is a must. Stop at this Euro-style chalet for an early après, starting with a mug of warm glühwein by the wood stove. Then gorge on raclette and venison ragout, with a splash of grappa thrown in. On sunny days, the deck of this former patrol shack goes off. Just remember, you still have to ski down.

Beta:Pop into the patrol shack at the top of Loge Peak and ask any of the grizzled dudes in red jackets what’s skiing well that day. Also, check out the live-cam online for 360 views: aspen.roundshot.ch/highlands.

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Location: Aspen Highlands, Colo.

Getting there: From the Loge Peak or Deep Temerity lift, the summit hike takes 45 minutes. Cheat by riding the free snowcat and cut the hike by a third.

Vertical feet: 2,532

Acres: 270

Scare factor: With sustained 38- to 48-degree pitches, you should buckle your boots. Tight.

(Photo: Tomas Zuccareno)