Top Five Runs at Copper Mountain

Here are the Top Five runs at Copper Mountain, from cruisers to steeps.
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Best Cruiser: Andy’s Encore. For your first run, Andy’s Encore is a top to bottom groomer that will get you warmed up. A few steep pitches keep it challenging. The speedy six-pack Super Bee will buzz you to the top in 11 minutes.  On an icy morning, though, stay away from the frontside.

Best Bumps: Little Burn: With low-angle bumps that seem to go on forever, Little Burn is a thigh burner. It’s also directly underneath the Timberline Express quad- so mogul experts will receive approving cheers from the peanut gallery. If you stumble, everyone will see that too. To get there, take the American Flyer Express, head skiers left, and head down under the next quad lift you see.

Best Bowl: Spaulding Bowl: A variety of bowl skiing awaits at the top of the Storm King Express. Hop on the poma and turn left at the top. While overlooking the bowl, steeper, more challenging terrain is to your left, and mellower slopes are to your right. The pitch that holds the most snow, though, is directly below you. Stay to skiers left of the spine (or cruise on top) and you’ll get faceshots, especially after a storm. Bonus: head into Spaulding Glades below the bowl for some of the best tree skiing Copper has to offer.

Best Steeps: Jupiter Bowl. Directly under Sierra lift, this area holds snow well after a storm, and if it’s blowing, remains windloaded. If you link a few smooth turns, and huck the little lip at the bottom, you’ll get approving cheers from the chair.

Best Adventure: Tucker Mountain. On your way up the American Flyer lift, take a look at the ski patrol building—if the green flag is waving, head back to Copper Bowl and take the snowcat up to Tucker Mountain. Hike all the way down the ridge to Fremont Glade 1—it’s likely you’ll be the only one there.


19.  Copper Mountain, Colorado

Copper Mountain

Unlike many resorts in the area, enjoy free parking and a shuttle to the base of the hill. Get there early for first tracks—the bus runs starting at 6:30 a.m.