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Top 10 Reasons to Take SKI Magazine's Winter Resort Survey

Our Resort Guide is one of the most anticipated issues of the year, and the ski industry needs your two cents. Why take the time to complete the survey?

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9. If you don’t take the survey, you’re not allowed to complain about the results.

8. Sit there and think hard about skiing. Everyone will think you’re working on something very important.

7. Your *enlightening* comments might make it into SKI Magazine’s Resort Guide or an episode of The Snow Report with Halley O’Brien.

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Totally serious: the first two resorts to call us for results every year are Bretton Woods and Mt. Sunapee to see who won Best in the East for grooming. If you’ve never heard of them, you probably don’t live in New Hampshire.

5. You can pick a side: Team EpicTeam Ikon, or any other team you want.

4. It’s a legit way to give feedback that your favorite resort does not put enough eggs in the mayo.

3. Your favorite ski resort won’t win unless it gets enough votes (so you should probably get your friends to vote too).

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*Dates for possible stay at Stein Eriksen Lodge may be restricted.