Ski Resort Life

Upwardly Mobile: Michelle Parker


Home Hill: Squaw Valley, California
D.O.B.: 04.10.1987
Specialty: Slopestyle

Michelle had a She’s the Man moment in 2003 when Line Skis founder Jason Levinthal, watching the diminutive ripper repeatedly grease a Squaw Valley rail, mistook her for a guy. “She just looked super solid, he says. True to form, she took his card and kept on charging.

At the 2005 X Games, this Tahoe native unwound an ally-oop flat spin 540 practically out of nowhere, and although she finished sixth, she cranked the industry buzz volume up to 10. “That was huge for me, she says. “I could hear the crowd in the air.

Not since her Junior Olympic racing days has Michelle had to move this quickly. Between films for Poor Boyz and Chainsaw Productions, competitions, and photo shoots for Orage, Anon, and new ski sponsor K2, she was home for less than a week all season. Over the summer, she’ll be upping her amplitude and polishing her aggressive style in Whistler and New Zealand.

Says Who
“Michelle has tons of energy and wants to learn something new every day, says X Games gold medalist T.J. Schiller. “We were skiing in Japan this winter and she just stepped up and did a 720, never having done one before. She almost landed it, too.