Vail Gets a Lift

Bigger, faster … better connected? Vail announces a sweet new ride.
Vail's New Gondola

Sometime “high speed” just isn’t high enough. Such is the case with Vail’s Vista Bahn high-speed quad. The chairlift, one of the front-face feeder lifts from Vail Village, will be swapped for an even swifter gondola for the start of the 2012-2013 season. The as-yet-unnamed gondola will carry 10 riders at a time and take the same trajectory as the old Vista Bahn, from the base to Mid-Vail—it will just do it in 7.5 minutes instead of 9. The Leitner-Poma will also be kitted out with cushioned, heated seats and free wi-fi. You just might want those 90 seconds back.