Vail Valley Shakes It Up

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Vail, CO Feb. 13, 2004 (PR) -— The 14th Annual Taste of Vail, to be held on April 7-10, 2004, announced today they will hold the third annual Battle of the Vail Valley Bartenders Margarita Mix-Off on Friday, April 9, from 4 p.m to 5:30 p.m. at the Sanctuary located in Vail Village.

Because the Margarita is America's most popular and undisputed king of cocktails, consumers attending the Margarita Mix-Off will have the chance to sample the most innovative new and classic Margarita concoctions from Vail Valley's top bartenders who will pour their own signature recipes as they compete for the "People's Choice Award," for the best Margarita.

Since all great Margaritas begin with super premium tequila, participating bartenders will be supplied with El Tesoro Platinum tequila. They will also be provided everything they need to prepare their own custom Margaritas, including blenders, ice, shakers and glassware. Bartenders will be allowed to bring their own special garnishes and flavor enhancers, such as fruit juices, purees, infusions, etc. in order to create their own signature Margarita entries. Winning bartenders will receive a bottle of El Tesoro Paradiso tequila, valued at $140.

The cost to attend the event is $25 per person and is included in the full-event package ($350 per person). In its 14th year, the annual four-day event hosts upwards of 5,000 people experience the Vail Valley's world-class restaurants, fine wine poured by winemakers and winery owners from top wineries around the globe, along with interactive seminars, auction and dance, après ski tasting and the popular mountaintop picnic sensory extravaganza at the top of Vail Mountain. Proceeds from the Taste of Vail benefit Vail Valley charities. For more information go