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Village Café

convenient, delicious pizza, right in the Village.

At first, the allure of a virtually underground bar and pizza joint may not be apparent, but sit back, order a drink from the legendary bartender, John V, and let it all soak in. A favorite with locals, the Village Café makes delicious whole-wheat thin crust pizza. At only three bucks for a slice, and around $20 for a large pizza, depending on what toppings you get, the pizza is an incredible value. The pepperoni pizza will blow your mind. The curst is perfectly crispy and the slices of pepperoni are bubbly and browned around the edges. If meat isn’t your thing, the plain cheese pizza is just as delicious. After ordering, saddle up at the bar and chat about where to find the best powder stash with the serious local boarders and skiing all-stars who dominate the restaurant clientele. If you happen to pass through the restaurant in the morning instead of for lunch or dinner, check out the daily rotation of freshly baked scones and muffins. The blackberry muffins and pecan coffee cake are particularly delicious. All of the food at Village Café takes time, but good food takes time, right?

www.village-café.com; (307) 732-2233


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