Warren Miller and Al Gore Team Up

The two are joining to encourage a conversation about climate change.
FS Svalbard Norway

Politics aside, there’s one thing we can all agree on – we want a healthy ski industry with plenty of snow. But, last season’s record-low snowfall and this summer’s damaging droughts make it hard to discredit a connection between climate change and the extreme weather.

In its 63 years of filming, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) has seen drastic changes in the landscapes where we ski. Low snowfall, melting ice, and endangered species have a negative effect on the industry and skiers alike, which is why WME is joining hands with former Vice-President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project (CRP) to educate skiers about climate change.

Through the campaign, “I Am Pro Snow,” WME and CRP plan to educate snowsports enthusiasts about the negative effects their sports face due to climate change. To launch the campaign, Gore, who is also co-founder and chairman of CRP, will attend a showing of WME’s latest ski film, Flow State, in Denver this November.

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Shot on location in Svalbard, Norway, and other remote parts of the globe, Flow State follows professional skiers as they hunt for powder in what was deemed one of the worst winters in skiing history. WME and CRP hope the powerful imagery and a shared passion for the sport will compel skiers to spark a conversation about our changing climate.

“Conditions were a disaster in the Western U.S. last season and I expect to see a similar situation in Western Europe and the Eastern U.S. this year,” said professional adventurer and ski guide to WME athletes, Doug Stoup. Stoup leads ski expeditions through Svalbard where he says the landscape has changed dramatically since he started touring there 10 years ago.

Stoup used to ski from Siberia to the North Pole but says he can’t anymore because the ice and snow have melted. “These drastic weather changes we’re experiencing are due to climate change.”

More information about “I Am Pro Snow” and the alliance between WME and CRP is expected to surface in the coming month. Click here to read the official press release from Warren Miller Entertaiment.