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Warren Miller's "Freedom Found"

The life story of Warren Miller, told by the man himself.


Warren Miller has always been the storyteller of the ski industry, known to many as the “godfather of action sports filmmaking,” but there are many more layers to this man than just skiing and making films.

Like a bad snowpack, Warren tells stories of his weakest layers in his autobiography, “Freedom Found: My Life Story,” the difficulties of a dysfunctional family life, living through an era of depression and the woes of financial disaster. Fortunately for him, sometimes those weak layers make for some really great turns. Warren found this true through his passion for action sports, the lifestyle of nonstop travel and the lasting friendships along the way.

An honest approach to lifes ups and downs, with a mix of ski history, lessons learned and lessons ignored.

Written by Warren Miller and edited by Andy Bigford, this is a must read for skiers and adventuers alike.

We highly reccommend picking up a copy before your next big ski trip, but as SKI editor Greg Ditrinco says, “Be warned: You might be late to the slopes.”

Copies of “Freedom Found” available online here.

Don’t miss the premiere of Warren Miller’s 67th feature film, “Here, There & Everywhere,” Friday, October 14. Tickets and tour dates here.