Stay Ahead of the Pack

Heli Skiing Revelstoke

Not sure you believe the heli-skiing hype? Let us prove you wrong. Jamie Preston takes a trip to CMH Revelstoke to investigate why bird skiing is so great. Plus pictures to show how deep it was.

Iceland thumb

Heli-Skiing in Iceland

Skíðadalur, Iceland, is called "Ski Valley" for a reason: you can enjoy heli-served turns well into June. And, it's so far north, that you'll be lapping up powder late into the night.

Colorado Spring Ski Touring

The resorts may be closed, but ski season isn't over. There's still plenty of spring corn on the Colorado peaks and a few pieces of gear left to test. So yesterday a few of the SKI and Skiing editors went on a mission to eek the last few turns out of this season. And wouldn't you know, our computers were still here when we got back.