This Week on "Skiing's Celebrity Ticket Checkers" …

Don’t let the easy smile and pleasant demeanor fool you. Snowbird’s Edwin Mulitalo dealt with grumpier customers than you in his NFL days.
edwin mulitalo

Before deciding to cause trouble in Snowbird's GadZoom liftline, know that the guy scanning your lift ticket used to make a very violent living in the trenches of the NFL. He even has the Super Bowl ring to prove it.

We were at the Bird for ski testing last week, and word quickly spread among testers and industry guys that the quiet, burly dude with the scanner was former Baltimore Ravens starting offensive tackle Edwin Mulitalo. The California native and University of Arizona grad, now living with his wife and three children in Herriman, Utah, tipped the scales at 345 pounds in his playing days. We found this on the Famous Mormons ( website:

“(Mulitalo) completed a two-year Mormon mission (1993-94). He started with the Baltimore Ravens in 1999. He plays Santa Claus (in the largest Santa suit made) at the children’s holiday party at St. Vincent’s Center in Timonium. He regularly works with youth groups through his church.”

Sound like a nice guy? He is. We got a signed football, and Edwin brought his ring on Day 3. Then we wondered if Emily at Snowbird brought the big guy in because she’d heard ski testers get out of line. Well, we behaved. And it was an honor to meet Edwin.