Once an Olympic village, always an Olympic village— especially if you’ve hosted the Winter Gamestwice, which puts little old Lake Placid in pretty rarified company (St. Moritz, Innsbruck, and soon, Cortina). And while there’s nothing little about the mountains that surround this gem of a ski town and the deep, serene lakes on which it sits (the Adirondacks rival the Whites for rugged beauty), the town still has an intimacy that belies the magnitude of the Olympic history made here (The Miracle on Ice, Heiden’s five golds, Mahre-brother heroics).

Meanwhile, the sheer number of Olympic-quality facilities and attractions around town—the museum, the Nordic trails, the towering ski jumps, and of course, the thrilling bobsled rides—give Whiteface an unfair advantage over other resorts. And so, readers give it the No. 1 ranking for Down Day Activities and a No. 3 for Scenery, while the charming village’s unmistakable sense of place earns a No. 4 for Local Flavor. 

Best of all is the skiing at unspoiled Whiteface—particularly if you like a big-mountain test. With its biggest-in-the-East 3,430- foot vertical and Olympic-caliber terrain (No. 5 for Challenge), it never fails to feel like an adventure. One reader does a nice job summing up Whiteface’s appeal: “A hidden gem of the East: bold but not pretentious, challenging but safe, beautiful all the time, and never overcrowded.” — Joe Cutts

Whiteface Mountain's 2020 SKI Magazine Reader Resort Survey Rank: 5th in the East

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  • FAMILY EXPERIENCE: Go little: The town toboggan chute is a thrilling slide onto frozen Mirror Lake. Or go huge: Rides on the Olympic bobsled track are silly-scary, and definitely not for tots.
  • DINNER PICK: Treat yourself to a stay at the venerable Lake Placid Lodge someday. Meantime, you can get a taste of the place in its excellent restaurant, Artisans: high-end cuisine amid high-Adirondack décor.
  • APRÈS-SKI: Check out the Cottage at Mirror Lake Inn and see why it inspires so much Insta-action. Best view in town.

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SKI Magazine's 2019 Review of Whiteface Mountain, New York

Whiteface Skier

One reader sums up Whiteface perfectly: “A hidden gem of the East: bold but not pretentious, challenging but safe, beautiful all the time, and never overcrowded.”

It’s sometimes hard to appreciate the size of six-million-acre Adirondack State Park. But its grandeur is hard to miss when you’re in Lake Placid, surrounded by the gob-smacking beauty of the High Peaks Region. 

Towering Whiteface Mountain lies at the heart of it. It’s remote, and conservation laws of the State Park ensure that it’ll stay that way: the ski area has the East’s highest vert (3,430 feet) and least development (none). On the other hand, you’re not roughing it when you have Lake Placid nearby. The little mountain town that hosted two Olympics has charm and a sense of place that few resorts can match. Its streets glow with life on winter nights as visitors and locals bustle between its shops, bars, and restaurants, and the Olympic venues offer an unmatched variety of activities. Folks gripe about cold weather and icy trails. But chances are that first-timers will be too enchanted with the charms of Lake Placid to notice the chill. - Joe Cutts

Come to Whiteface Mountain for the...

Whiteface Mountain offers a plethora of down day activities. 

Whiteface Mountain offers a plethora of down day activities. 

  • FAMILY EXPERIENCE Your kids will want to ride on the Olympic bobsled, so you may as well join ’em.
  • SCENERY Don’t be trying to admire the views if you’re skiing Cloudspin (the Olympic downhill). Try Wilmington Trail, a meandering blue run with similar vistas.
  • DINING The venerable Lake Placid Lodge remains the toniest address in town (No kids under age 13).
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES Tobogganing down the converted ski-jump ramp onto frozen Mirror Lake.
  • DON'T MISS A visit to the Olympic stadium and hockey rink. Or a run down the Olympic bobsled track. C’mon, it’s Lake Placid!

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