Why We Ski: Last Run

Why We Ski 1103

The last run isn't for the weak of limb or the faint of heart. It demands we dig deep into ourdepleted reserves and find a skier in there who's willing to face yet another challenge.We seldom expect the final run of the day to be better than the one that preceded it; in most cases, the weather, the light, the snow and the skier are all in steep decline. Plunging ahead down the last run is a testament to our fortitude and faith.

The day's final turns can also be an occasion for tranquil reflection. As the mountain empties and peace settles over the slopes, all the manmade elements fade into the background. Taking advantage of light's retreat, Nature reclaims her preeminence. All is good on the mountain, as the silence becomes something you can feel before you push off one last time and depart the stillness with whispering, reverent tracks that will disappear long before dawn.