Why We Ski: Vroom with a View

Why We Ski 1103

High in the mountains, it's easy to feel like a king-the master of all you survey. Who wouldn't want to rule the Rockies, the Tetons or the Sierra Nevada? Back East, the peaks are more modest, but the views no less expansive. Our favorite New England panorama unfolds at the top of the Madonna 1 chair at Smugglers' Notch. To the west: Lake Champlain, with the blue Adirondacks in the distance. To the east: the Worcesters and the Whites, with snow-capped Mt. Washington floating above the horizon. To the south, the heart of the Greens: Mansfield, Camel's Hump and beyond. And to the north: the snowy mass of Whiteface Peak.

It's a beautiful spot, and it's only one of many in the mountains we ski. May we rule them wisely, so that we may rule them forever.