Wild Earth Llama Adventures

Hike around the Taos wilderness with a llama by your side.
llama adventures

Take a summer hike in the Taos-area wilderness accompanied by a low impact llama. Wild Earth offers single day “take a llama to lunch” hikes as well as multi-day camping and hiking excursions where visitors climb 12- to 13- thousand feet tall peaks. During the trips, groups use llamas as eco-friendly pack animals because their padded feet leave less of an impact on the fragile wilderness areas that visitors explore. Each hike is specifically designed for the group at hand, and they cater to all ages of visitors. You’ll get information about edible and medicinal plants, history, and geology of the area. Each group is limited to 12 hikers in the restricted wilderness areas, but they also do special private group tours in non-designated wilderness areas upon request.
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