Winter Driving Tips


It's the time of year to break out the shovel, ugly boots, and mom's knitted hat and put them in the trunk of your vehicle...just in case. Recently, I purchased the ultimate pack that contains water, candles, a space blanket and ribbed gloves and put it into the trunk of my new front wheel drive vehicle. Feeling prepared, I headed to my local resort during a snowstorm in a quest for some powder turns. However, when my vehicle skidded through a curve and landed in a snow bank, my day of riding powder turned into a day of shoveling. Without any panic, I grabbed my shovel and began digging out my vehicle. Unfortunately, my shovel proved more useful for grooming kickers than digging out my vehicle. Luckily, a saint named Dan arrived and used his Chevy S-10 and a towrope to save me from my fluffy, powder nightmare. As I drove away, I noticed a bus had slid into a similar predicament from which I was just rescued. Immediately, I wondered, how can these simple mishaps be avoided?

Searching for answers, I contacted several driving experts and asked them their top tips for safe winter driving. Here are their Top 5 winter driving tips to keep skiers and riders on the mountain, not in a snow bank.

Click the links below for five tips to avoid these winter driving mishaps.

Taking the time today to prepare for winter conditions can eliminate a headache in the future. So take heed of the tips from the aforementioned experts and you should never have to spend a powder day in your vehicle.  


Audi ice driving 01

Tips on Winter Driving from Audi

I thought I knew about going fast on ice. I’ve skied the east, after all. But when Audi invited me to go to Austria to drive their cars on ice, I realized I had a lot to learn. Here are some driving tips I picked up while spinning donuts on Austrian ice. —Niall Bouzon