Write To Win a Colorado Resort Café


Winter Park, CO, Sept. 6--Have you ever thought about making the move to a Colorado ski town? Did the daunting task of finding a job hold you back? This may be the opportunity you've been looking for.

The owners of Moffat Café in Winter Park, CO, are giving away their business to the author of the winning essay leading off with the sentence: "I've always had this dream about owning my own restaurant in the Colorado mountains."

"People are thrilled with this opportunity to acquire an established business for only $100 and a well-written essay," said Anne Goodfriend, Moffat co-owner. The contest winner will take ownership of this casual breakfast and lunch venue that has served residents and tourists alike year-round since October of 1994.

"It's more fun than a traditional business sale, plus, we love creating awareness for a truly worthwhile charity," added Kathie Kramer, Moffat co-owner.

The nonprofit organization National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) will receive 10 percent of the contest proceeds. Based in Winter Park, CO, the NSCD provides a variety of therapeutic recreation and competitive opportunities to approximately 3,000 participants each year.

To enter the contest individuals must submit a 300-word essay with a $100 entrance fee by Sept. 30, 2000. For more details about the Moffat Café contest visit www.cafecontest.com.