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Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole

A relaxing, convenient place to stay that won't break your budget.
wyoming inn

If you are looking for a place to relax without having to spend a boatload of money during the high season, Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole is great. The lobby is beautifully decorated with deep leather furniture, warm rugs, a huge stone fireplace, and antler chandelier. The front desk is has a big-horned sheep beautifully carved into it, which sets the Western mood right from the very beginning. The theme continues in each of the rooms with large wooden armoires and plush, warm furniture and bedspreads. Pay a little extra and get a fireplace, sitting area, Jacuzzi, or kitchen in your room. If you choose not to opt for the kitchen, the complimentary breakfast is great. There are tons of pastries, as well as yogurt, fruit, and incredible oatmeal. On your way in after a day of skiing, snag some freshly baked cookies and ask the knowledgeable and friendly staff where to go to dinner in town. http://www.wyominginn.com, (800) 844-0035


victoria inn sunday river

Victoria Inn

On the national register of historic places, this charming in is located on Main Street, and is only six minutes from the ski hill.