Ski Resort Life

Yak It Up: Yak Skiing

Bored of heliskiing? Try yak-skiing in India.


Bored of heliskiing? Convinced catskiing is a cop-out? Try yak skiing. Remote Lands, a high-end travel outfitter in Asia, takes clients via yak into the hills around the Manali ski resort in India, where they’re set up in “luxury tents” for the night.

In the morning, the yaks, trailing a long rope, are led up a mountain and attached to a pulley; skiers, waiting below, grab the rope and shake a bucket of pony nuts. Yaks, as everyone in Manali knows, love pony nuts. As they bolt down the hill to get the nuts, skiers are pulled up the slope. We tried a similar setup with the family dog in the fourth grade—but upstate New York pales in comparison to Himachal Pradesh.